Dr A. J. Andre Cobb
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Room 116, Britannia House
Department of Chemistry
King's College London
7 Trinity Street
London SE1 1DB

Tel : 0207 848 1744

E-mail : andre.cobb@kcl.ac.uk

Andre studied Chemistry at King's College London before moving to UCL to conduct his PhD with Professor Charles Marson. From there he moved to the University of Cambridge for his postdoctoral research, first with Dr Florian Hollfelder in Biochemistry developing synthetic enzymes, and then Professor Steven V. Ley CBE FRS in the Department of Chemistry where he developed organocatalytic methodology, as well as some medicinal chemistry. In 2005 he moved to the University of Reading to begin his independent research career and in 2012 he was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. Then in October 2016 the research group returned to Andre's alma mater at King's College London. Andre is also the Associate Editor of the RSC's New Journal of Chemistry.


Associate Editor for New Journal of Chemistry

Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2011

RETF Research Output Prize 2010

Royal Society Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison Summer 2010

Tom Lee Bursury Awardee 2007

Teaching and Learning Prize Nominee 2007, 2016 and 2018