Lab Head


Dr Alexander J. Andre Cobb

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
King's College London
Office: 111 Britannia House
Phone: tbc
E-Mail :

Post Docs


Dr Adam Gadd

Adam is working on the use
of unnatural peptides as
gene delivery agents

Doctoral Students


Rossana Fanelli

Rossana is from Bologna, Italy
and works on the development of
novel organocatalytic processes.


Daniel Townsend

Dan is developing the synthesis of
novel steroidal structures containing
a cis-decalin core.


Laura Bryant

Laura is from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex
and is developing derivatives
of the cannabinoids using novel
asymmetric processes.


Cidalia Periera

Cidalia is developing novel peptides
capable of permeating through the skin.


Lewis Aitken

Lewis is from Glasgow, Scotland.
He is currently writing up his thesis
which involved the development of
novel organocatalytic processes.